6 Weeks in Kenya: Niklas’s Experience

Hi, I am Niklas and I am 21 years old, from Hamburg, Germany. During my 6 week stay in the beautiful country of Kenya, I tried to see as many places as possible. I spent a few weekends in National Parks and saw some wild animals. On another Saturday I decided to rent a bike to get to know the local neighborhood a bit better. I lived in a flat in Central Kenya together with other volunteers.

The village is situated in the hills, that’s why you have some nice downhill as well as uphill parts. During the ride, I enjoyed the view of the landscape. Most space is used for farming, in the hills, especially for coffee and tea. On that Saturday, the kids had to go to school and I met some groups on their way home. Some of them tried to catch up with me and we had kind of a funny race together.

After a 3 hour ride, I reached my target, a huge dam that provides big parts of Nairobi with drinking water. I found a nice trail next to the lake with a beautiful view (picture). In a restaurant with a view onto the lake, I had a break with some Nyama Choma ( grilled meat).
I can really recommend everyone to go on a ride with a bike in Kenya. Especially in the hills, the landscape is breathtaking and you can meet a lot of locals that greet you very friendly.

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bike tour in Kenya-2

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