Criminal Background Checks

All IVI programs (including adventure/culture weeks) require a criminal background check/Police Clearance from all our participants. It is a mandatory requirement for all volunteers to submit a criminal background check, regardless of the program they are doing. We require this document 2 weeks before starting your program start date. 

The criminal background check must be issued within 1 year of your program start date and needs to be in English. If you cannot get it in English, you will need to have it officially translated or notarised.  

 *If a participant is of age below 18 years, or they are not able to submit the criminal background check on time, they can provide 2 reference letters from their teachers or employers (not family members). 

Why do we require a criminal background check?

  • Ensuring a safe environment is conducive to learning, productivity, and overall positive experiences for everyone involved.
  • We implement thorough screening processes, and we are committed to safety and integrity, fostering trust among participants, stakeholders, and the public.
  • Conducting background checks serves as a preventive measure, deterring individuals with questionable backgrounds from attempting to participate in the program.
  • Safeguards vulnerable populations from potential harm within the program.
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Below are some helpful websites for obtaining a criminal background check. These are listed as suggestions, there may be other sites you can obtain a certificate from, and always contact your local police department for any specific advice required.

For nationalities not listed, we suggest contacting your local police department or government website for further advice.




China: This needs to be done in person. Volunteers are required to apply for a Certificate of No Criminal Record at the local Public Security Bureau (PSB) in the district indicated on your Household Register (hukou). Following this, an application should be made to the notary office for a certificate using the PSB document. You will need it translated to English.





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