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Teaching Abroad Programs

IVI have teaching abroad programs in every country! Volunteer teaching overseas is an excellent way to gain some experience in the classroom, whilst helping and giving back to a developing community. 

Whether you are an experienced teacher, or have never taught before, this is a fantastic chance for a cultural exchange, to learn some new skills, and to inspire your students and watch them grow. 

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Who can apply to teach abroad?

Anyone can apply to teach abroad as no previous experience is required. 

As long as you are commited to your project, have lots of energy and enthusiasm and a desire to educate!

Our projects are open to all volunteers, all we require is a good standard of spoken English.

We encourage vollies to take into considerations around different customs, religions and belief systems to ensure the teaching content is aligned to the audience.

We also encourage all volunteers to be creative and do things outside the box. Now is your time to learn more about yourself, your strengths and opportunities for improvement. 

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What will I be teaching in classes?

What you teach will vary depending on which project you are on and the age of your students. Most of our teaching abroad programs focus on English conversation and langauage teaching.

You may also be able to teach other subjects such as science, math, history, geography, nutrition, reading, computer skills and sports. 

Depending on the project, you might teach alongside the local teacher, with another volunteer/s or take a class on your own.

If you wish to bring along items that will help you teach you are welcome to do so. Things like picture cards, workbooks, pencils, and stickers will be greatly enjoyed by the children.

You can teach using a range of techniques including games, singing, group work, role-play, and exercises. 

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What do our teaching abroad programs provide?

Our teaching abroad programs can cover many areas, from government primary schools, community teaching, after-school clubs, kindergartens, teaching adults, and special needs teaching.

You will be making a tremendous impact on the future lives of underprivileged children. Teaching placements allow volunteers to interact and make connections with students from very different backgrounds and circumstances to their own.

Many of the areas we service have low incomes and access to education is extremely limited. Through our partner organisations, we’re able to source quality and relevant teaching programs designed to integrate volunteers into the local community.


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Why IVI?

Make a Real Impact​

We focus on projects with genuine needs.  Community, Healthcare, Education, Childcare, Construction etc. You'll leave feeling like you truly achieved something​.

Top Rated

We were voted 'Top Overseas Volunteering Organisation 2019' by APAC insider Australia awards. We have thousands of positive testimonies

35+ Years in Operation​​

IVI is one of the pioneers of overseas volunteering. Established in 1989 we have trustworthy partners that know the local needs and treat every volunteer with love.

Charity & Non Profit​​

We don't just send volunteers overseas, we run campaigns and fundraise for materials so that our impact is significant and lasting in communities that need it.

Affordable Placements​​

Why pay thousands to volunteer abroad? It shouldn't cost that much. We're a non-profit org so we're not focused on profits, we're focused on helping people​. 

Flexibility & Choice​​

We have over 100+ projects in 20 countries. Most of our programs start every week so you have options around destinations, projects and start dates. 


Remote Island Teaching, Fiji
"Honestly my entire trip was a highlight. Being in the school compound fully immersed on a local remote island made everyday full of indescribable experiences that I will cherish forever."

TESOL Course

Whilst it is not a requirement, doing a TESOL course before a teaching project, is an excellent way to become more confident teaching abroad, and to gain skills for the classroom.

This award-winning and internationally recognised TESOL course course will give you all the tools you need to teach English overseas. Work your way through the 60 hour online course at your own pace, which has been designed by highly qualified TESOL teachers.

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