Benefits of Volunteering Abroad at Christmas

Christmas is a time of giving and what better chance to give back this holiday season! There are so many benefits of volunteering abroad at Christmas (and of course year-round!), here we take a look at a few…

Connecting with People

Volunteering abroad at Christmas shows our commitment to bringing the world closer. By helping out in different places, we build connections that go beyond borders. This not only helps us understand other cultures but also creates friendships that last long after the holidays.


Learning from Different Cultures

Volunteering during Christmas lets us experience the traditions of other societies. It’s a chance to learn new things, see the world from different angles, and make memories that go beyond where we come from.

Making a Real Difference in Communities

The heart of Christmas is about giving, and volunteering abroad lets us make a real difference in local communities. Whether it’s building houses, providing healthcare, or supporting education, our actions can transform communities.

Tackling Global Issues

Christmas volunteering goes beyond just being kind; it helps address big global problems. From taking care of the environment to supporting healthcare projects, our efforts create a positive impact on a global scale.

kids at the refugee camp in kenya

Personal Growth and Learning

Volunteering abroad helps us develop important qualities like kindness and understanding. Seeing the challenges faced by different communities makes us grow as people and teaches us to be more aware of others.

Learning New Skills

Volunteering during Christmas is also a chance to learn new things. It’s not just about helping; it’s about gaining skills like project management and learning to communicate with people from different cultures.


Creating Special Memories

Christmas volunteering creates memories that last a lifetime. The joy of making a positive impact, combined with the friendships formed with fellow volunteers, makes our holiday experiences truly special. Our holiday programs in South America welcome families to volunteer and are a celebration with all members of the local community!

Building Lifelong Friendships

Beyond the immediate impact, volunteering at Christmas is a way to make friends for life. The shared experiences and working together create bonds that stay strong over time, forming a global network of like-minded individuals.


Best Xmas and New Year Programs with IVI

Luckily for you, most of our programs still run throughout the holidays and if you are quick you can still book for one! We have a special holiday and new year program in Peru, Guatemala, and Costa Rica, which combines multiple activities like gift giving, construction, and education, as well as a party with all the locals!


To sum it up, volunteering abroad at Christmas is a fantastic experience with many positive effects. From bringing the world together to making a real difference, it goes beyond the usual holiday celebrations. It’s a celebration of people, a reminder of the power of working together, and an experience that leaves a lasting mark on both volunteers and the communities they serve.

Of course, like a puppy, volunteering abroad is not just for Christmas. Why not take a look at all our programs and see if there is something for you?!

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