Our Most Affordable Volunteer Abroad Programs for 2 Weeks

Only got 2 weeks? Our cheap volunteer abroad programs are super flexible if you are short on time.

Even though you may not see instant change on your volunteer project, every little helps and change does happen. Whether you are volunteering for two weeks or two months, every volunteer can help to make a positive difference.

Why book a volunteer abroad program with Involvement Volunteers International?

Involvement Volunteers International are a non-profit organisation, running since 1989. We are one of the longest running volunteer abroad programs and are also involved in humanitarian projects and directly helping on the ground.

We have volunteer programs to suit pretty much everyone! As a well-trusted company, and over 25,000 volunteers already with successful placements, we do our best to provide life changing experiences for our volunteers (and the local communities!).

If you are looking for an authentic experience, to give back to local communities, whilst also exploring some of the local country, then look no further. We offer 24-7 support throughout the whole placement and meals and accommodation are all included.

What’s included in volunteer abroad program fees?

We understand that many of our volunteers are students or teens, and may not have a large budget. That’s why, at IVI we strive to keep our projects as low as we possibly can.

The majority (75%) of our volunteer fees go directly to the project and local communities, as well as your accommodation, meals, and airport/ project transfers. The rest goes on project development, 24-7 support during your trip, and any upkeeps of the organisation and projects.

We also charge a one-off application fee of US$299 to secure your placement and to help cover all your pre-departures costs, administration, and pre-departure support.

Most affordable volunteer abroad programs for 2 weeks in 2022…

Below we have rounded up some of our most affordable programs for a two-week duration (all prices are in US dollars). Our prices generally get cheaper for every week you do, so a 4-week program will be less than double the price of the 2-week program.

Take a look at our volunteer fees page to compare all of our projects, as some may work out cheaper to do over a longer period.

Top 10 most affordable volunteer abroad programs for 2 weeks…. (Number 1 being the cheapest!)

Number 10: Fiji – $555 for 2 weeks

Fiji is one of IVI’s most popular countries! With many of our volunteers coming from Australia, Fiji is just a short flight away, but is completely different in culture. We have many projects for just $555 for 2 weeks, including all accommodation, food, flight transfers and project support.

Our most popular project is the remote island nutrition education, as well as English teaching. Living without the luxuries you are used to could prove to be challenging at first, but so many of our vollies come back with such remarkable stories and experiences from this adventure.

Here’s what Ella had to say about her recent experience …

“My experience has been great so far me and Amelia have really enjoyed it being able to teach the kids art and English, play football with the students and even did swimming lessons for the kindergarten children in the sea. We definitely feel at home with the family here in Fiji too.” -Ella

For those who would like to stay in a volunteer house, with a bigger group of volunteers and more amenities around, we also have projects on the Coral Coast including kindergarten, sports teaching, and construction.

Number 9: Bali- $495 for 2 weeks

Best IVI Volunteer Programs for 2018 1

Bali is another popular destination, particularly for our Aussie travellers. It’s so much more than a holiday destination though. The locals are incredibly welcoming and there are a number of different projects to choose from, including stray dog rehabilitation, teaching, environmental clean-up and more.

The cheapest projects are based in Ubud, which happens to be one of the most popular destinations for travellers. Whilst frequently visited by tourists through, there is still a quiet and authentic feel to the place. On days off you can swim in nearby waterfalls or rice fields, go hiking, explore local markets, relax at the cheap spas, or watch the popular nightly show at the temple- a must do!

Number 8: Cambodia – $455 for 2 weeks

Group photo of participant with students (1)

If you are looking for a place that is off the beaten track a bit, then our rural primary teaching, or construction projects in Cambodia maybe just for you. A bit like Thailand was 10 years ago, before the tourists descended on it, Cambodia has a much more relaxed and authentic feel to the place. A little harder to get around than its more established neighbour, Cambodia still has a lot to offer.

With a simpler pace of life, there is still plenty to do here from the famous temples of Angkor Wat to the country town of Battambang, and the beaches in the south. Our projects in Cambodia start from $455 for 2 weeks.

Number 7: Sri Lanka – $455 for 2 weeks

vollies holding up artworks

Sri Lanka is an exciting destination, with plenty to see and do, from the cool mountains in the Northern ends, to the palm tree lined beaches in the south, not to mention the temples, and tea and spice plantations along the way.

We have some interesting projects in Sri Lanka from teaching Buddhist monks, to restoring ancient temples!

Affordable volunteer abroad programs in Sri Lanka run from just $455 for 2 weeks, meals and accommodation included.

Here is Arden’s review of her time on the special needs project…

“My experience in Sri Lanka was incredible! Every day, since the moment I arrived, to the day I left I felt safe! Not only did the leaders guide us through busy streets of Kandy and navigate the busses for us, tell us how to get places safely on weekends and provide a lovely home for us, they are also very positive, friendly people! Hemantha is always working so hard and somehow amidst all of it, he will still find the time to talk to the vollies about anything!” – Arden

Number 6: Vietnam – $455 for 2 weeks

Participant doing therapy for the patient

Amazing beach or vibrant city? Whichever one is more ‘you’, there’s no need to worry, we have projects in both the coastal town of Phan Thiet or in Ho Chi Minh city, the largest city in Vietnam and formerly known as Saigon.

The beach destination in Phan Thiet is more than just sand and sea though, you can also go sandboarding on the incredible dues, visit nearby islands, try your hand at fishing, or head to the incredible ‘Fairy Stream,’ a stream that looks a deep red in colour and is surrounded by huge limestone rocks.

If you are looking for a bustling city, look no further than Ho Chi Minh, which is a hub of activity. There is so much to see and do here but really, just sock up the city life, the crazy motorbikes, the bright lights, and the amazing food!

Our volunteer projects in Vietnam include serving meals to those on a low income, special needs teaching, kindergarten, or teaching older students. The accommodation in Vietnam is on a university campus, with aircon and Wi-Fi.

Number 5: Thailand – $450 for 2 weeks

A fantastic destination for first time travellers, Thailand is easy to get around (a lot of signs are in English), has friendly locals, delicious food, incredible sights and is super cheap!

The majority of our projects are based in the beach region of Hua Hin, but we also have some hill tribe programs too!

If you don’t mind getting dirty, them we have an awesome clay house building project, which will be used by the local community. We also have a beach conservation project and our Buddhist monastery experience is an incredible insight into Thai culture.

Number 4: Kenya – $445 for 2 weeks

kenya tea farm

There is something special about Africa that’s hard to put your finger on. If you are after the ultimate adventure, to get off the beaten track, to immerse yourself in another culture, then Kenya could be the place for you. With big 5 spotting on weekend safari trips, staying in a rural village, and getting to know the local community, this is probably one of those life changing experiences you can’t get anywhere else.

With approximately a third of Kenya’s population living on less than $1.90 US dollar a day, your volunteer fees directly benefit the local people of this region. Worthwhile projects in Kenya include teaching, special needs school, and an exciting organic farming project, for just $445 for two weeks.

“These hard-working people never lose their smile and kindness. One day it’s the shining eyes of the kids in the day-care centre next door, the other day it’s the little chat with the locals and the smile on their face. When Emmah is telling them about our day at the farm, what shows that you are more than welcome in Kenya. One day a girl told me “We might not have money, but we have happiness” and you can really be part of this happiness.” – Victoria (farming project).

Number 3: Nepal – $433 for 2 weeks

dog at the centre

Nepal is one of our cheapest destinations, and one of the most spectacular! A little further afield, but the prices once there are incredibly cheap. Imagine being able to climb up to Everest base camp in your spare time?! There is plenty to do for the outdoor lover here with some of the most incredible hiking in the world.

Not only that, Kathmandu is a vibrant city, which will be sure to keep you occupied for hours, not to mention the delicious food! We have projects in both Kathmandu and Pokhara, two of the most popular cities in Nepal.

The projects range from women empowerment, construction, stray dog rehabilitation and more. With projects at just $433 for two weeks, why not combine your project with the adventure week or cultural week. These intro programs are great to understand more about the local culture, to explore a bit and get your surroundings in your new home, which can make you feel more at ease before your project starts.

Number 2: Ghana – $380 for 2 weeks

Sports coaching in Ghana with IVI volunteers

Based in the capital city of Accra, our Ghana volunteer programs include English teaching, art and design teaching and sports coaching. These are all at $380 for two weeks, as well as journalism and physiotherapy internships for just $475 for two weeks!

Sock up the local atmosphere and dive into the deep end! With safe accommodation and meals included, you are free to explore the city on weekends, with museums, market stalls and plenty of new foods to try. You can also head to nearby lakes, beaches, and historic castles.

Number 1: and the winner is… India – $335 for 2 weeks

Bodhi Tree School, India

India is a fascinating country, and probably quite a culture shock for many. Don’t let this deter you though, this vibrant country is full of life, colour, smells (good and bad!), flavoursome food and some simply beautiful sights.

The Taj Mahal is not to be missed, but don’t forget to venture off the beaten track a bit and see the smaller villages. Wander the markets, talk with the locals, hear their stories, and help contribute to some amazing projects.

Our cheapest volunteer abroad programs in India are based in Bodhgaya, a rural village in the North-Eastern state of Bihar. Its off the beaten track, but your help here is hugely valued and the local community really benefits from the volunteers coming through its doors. For those looking for a humanitarian experience, this is the one for you! You will be whole-heartedly welcomed here.

Projects are centred around a school, where you can teach (not just English but any other valued skills you may have), help with construction, women empowerment, and nutrition/ medical help.

If you are ready to volunteer, apply here.

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