Bali Construction Program Review IVI – 2016


Hi Brian, Sorry for the late reply.

Things are getting a bit crazy here.

Anyway, Bali trip was amazing and I really enjoyed my time and the experience there.  We helped to build a 2-classrooms Kindergarten at one of the local villages, it was hard but fun and I loved it.  Wish that I could stay longer to help finished the classrooms.

Balinese people are super friendly and helpful as well as the local staff. This trip changed my point of view for Bali, I have been to Bali twice before this trip and I wasn’t a big fan of Bali as I felt it was too touristy and everything became too commercial.  After this trip, I fell in love with Ubud and hopefully I can go back again soon.

The home stay was good too, we have 17 volunteers in my house includes myself and they are all lovely ladies, we enjoyed each other companies and we still keep in touch even we are all from everywhere such as UK, USA, Germany, Netherland & Canada etc.  Food wasn’t that good but did fill us up and we can always eat out so it wasn’t a big problem to us.

I have to give IVI a thumb up for all the information/tips/do and don’t etc. that you guys provided as some of the volunteers, they didn’t receive anything from their agents.  Well done and please keep it up.

Please could you re-send the Certificate of Completion as it was omitted in your previous email.

Happy Friday!  Have a nice weekend.
Talk soon!!
Kind regards
Iris J  (Hong Kong)



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