Healthcare Bali Education Review

"It was an amazing experience."

Highlights of the trip:

Not only teaching but also getting to know the children during break time. Talking to them, singing Ed Sheeran with them and laughing although we barely understand each other’s language.


Comments on the team, food and accommodation:

 The food was great, we could always choose between local food and vegetarian food and the accomodation was beautifully located in the middle of a local village. And when it comes to the team – there was always someone we could talk to, And not in the typical way that everyone says it but them meant it, they promised that and they kept the promise. They helped us in every situation possible from holding our baggage after a long taxi ride over to supporting us during class. In my case, I was teaching about the recovery position quite often and the team members never hesitated to help me out and to teach the children properly on how to help injured people get into that position.


Any improvements to help us be better:

 I don’t think there’s much to improve in really. It’s been a great experience overall but marketing wise, maybe you could start an active instagram or youtube channel to make it easier for people to find your organisation (unless you already have one or planning to start one). Since I’ve got quite a few experiences in that matter, I’m happy to help if you like. 

Madeleine Scheuerpflug



welcome orientation for volunteers




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