Lombok – English Teaching Review


Hi Lauren,

I arrived in Sydney a couple of days ago. I had an amazing experience volunteering in Lombok, and will certainly do volunteering again in the future.

Highlights of the trip:
The kids I taught, whom I will never forget. Originally I was meant to just be in the Kindergarden but ended up also teaching english in the high school in the afternoon. And spending time with local Indonesian people.

Comments on the team, food and accommodation:
We were a small team of volunteers (4) and that felt like being part of a team. The coordinators were amazing and very accommodating. The food was good, specially when the coordinators cooked since they were great cooks. The accommodation was great, I only had to share a room and bathroom with one other person.

Any improvements to help us be better:
I was not informed about the orientation week (it was just mention as a possibility in one of the information packages) which not only was required as very useful. This means that I only taught one week and I would have stayed longer if I knew this in advance.

I attached two pictures from the teaching at the high school.

Best wishes,




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