Fiji – Nutrition and Public Health Review

This experience was a unique one that I never thought I would experience. As a group, we bonded and gained great insight into the public health situation in Fiji. Through this process, we felt welcomed, making a tangible impact on the communities and witnessing health outcomes we otherwise may never have seen. Through the 4 days we spent in the community, both remote and urban, we gained tangible skills from taking blood pressure to measuring blood glucose as well as communication and time management skills. One of the most memorable experiences was our stay at the farm, during which we experienced an authentic Fijian lifestyle that was unlike anything I’d experienced before. The people we met there were incredibly welcoming and grateful and overall, I would highly recommend this program.

Comments on local team, food and accommodation
The local team were super helpful and welcoming. We had the pleasure of meeting Masi and Mere who went above and beyond to accommodate us, treating us as their own family. The home cooked meals were delicious and provided great insight the culture of the local people. Accommodation provided by the team was also comfortable and clean. Overall, a very positive experience.


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