Orphanage Fiji Testimony – 2014


Volunteering at an orphanage in Nadi, Fiji was amazing! I was so inspired by the kids at the orphanage and the ladies who take care of them! I thought it would be kind of sad, but the kids seem really happy, and…..

¬†I am so glad that there is a place like this, and such dedicated and loving people who work in the home. The kids are so much fun, I was sad that I couldn’t finish my assignment because of a chickenpox outbreak (I’ve never had it so I couldn’t risk getting it) but I enjoyed the week and a half that I was there immensely. One day, there was an impromptu dance party, and I will never forget how much fun it was dancing around with the kids, it was adorable because they all loved dancing so much! I am so glad that I was able to have this experience! A wonderful place where kids get a lot of love ūüôā

Radhika, United States – Aug. 2014






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