Remote Island Teaching Review

Volunteering on the island was the most life changing and incredible experience.
From the moment I arrived on the island I felt welcomed and loved by ever person! I was lucky to teach in the kindergarten class, as well as go and visit other classes in the afternoons. Emerging myself in to every aspect of the island life has given me a new outlook on life. All of the people are so kind, fun and loving. The children are incredibly helpful and beautiful inside and out. I will never forget my time on the island and will be forever grateful!! Xx

Comments on local team, food and accommodation
Staying with Mere and Masi in Nadi the first and last days of my trip was amazing. Mere and Masi are incredibly helpful and kind. They helped me prepare myself for the experience and offered me guidance and reassurance.

Any improvements to help us be better?
The island didn’t have a nurse at the time of my stay (I was told they quit). The island definitely needs a nurse to assist them with the scabies, boils and other conditions that the children and adults are dealing with!!!!

– Tia


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