Elyse’s Review of Construction and Childcare in Antigua

"We absolutely loved this experience"

Tell us as much as you can about your trip! Any highlights? What was the volunteering like?
My friend and I went to Antigua, Guatemala for over a month and participated in the volunteering of child care and construction. We absolutely loved this experience and all the people from all around the world. We did volunteering from about 8:30-12 every day and it was full of laughs and great conversations while creating a change in the world. We build soccer goals and a treehouse in a school, it was so much fun and rewarding. My highlights included meeting new people from all around the world every single week and it was so nice to have a support network while travelling overseas. I would highly recommend for friends and families and anyone and I would certainly do again.

Comments on local team, food and accommodation
The accommodation was amazing, my friend and I stayed with a host family and it was the best experience. The room was clean and it was nice staying with other people from across the world too. Our host mum cooked us breakfast and dinner everyday and we loved trying the local food while improving our spanish. The local team was so supportive and was there to answer any and all questions.

Any improvements to help us be better?
– just let people know they need money for the bus every single day (cash)



Childcare in Guatemala

Construction in Guatemala


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