Experience and Feedback – Guatemala Group Leader

I just wanted to send you a quick summary of the feedback I received from the local team about the IVI – Amanda Group – GT – 2023 group.

Summary of Group Feedback:
1. Orientation: 100% for both the General orientation and the Project Orientation
Excellent: 5, Good: 0, Needs Improvement: 0

2. Accommodation:
* Food: 60% (Excellent: 3, Good: 2, Needs Improvement: 0)
* Comfort & Cleanliness: 60% (Excellent: 3, Good: 2, Needs Improvement: 0)
* Atmosphere: 80% (Excellent: 4, Good: 1, Needs Improvement: 0)

3. Support from Staff: 80%
Excellent: 4, Good: 1, Needs Improvement: 0

4. Client Service: 80%
Excellent: 4, Good: 1, Needs Improvement: 0

5. Specific comments: “Amazing and incredible experience!! Plan on returning soon!! ”

Feedback from Out Team:
The group had a great experience and they liked the mix of tours and project time. They were motivated to discover the country and have an impact on the community because Amanda is originally from Guatemala, so it was a very sentimental volunteering trip for her. Since day one, the group wanted to learn and had a great connection with Freddy (the Construction Foreman). They were very attentive to what he was saying and followed his instructions. They were busy every day and we organized a special cooking class for them on Tuesday 20th at 11 AM. Our local travel partner was very organized with the different tours they booked.

Both the adults were very happy. Jamie asked me some questions concerning the price of the English classes that we are offering as he wanted to offer one or more months of English to the cleaning lady/cook of their housing to take care of them. Jessica Mark, the other adult, told us that she had a great experience and was planning to come back.

I think that both teachers really liked the experience and will most probably organize further volunteering trips. Amanda, for her special attachment to Guatemala, I believe that she might come back as well.

In summary, the group had a great experience, left great feedback, and the experience really impacted their lives.

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