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HOW can you help?

WHAT can you do?

  • Prepare food and feed the animals and birds
  • Clean the animals enclosures
  • Help with night feeding
  • Assist with any other daily duties around the centre, such as cleaning the bnb rooms 

Why Involvement Volunteers International?

Australian zoo volunteering (2)






  MIN AGE: 16+




This organization has a large comprehensive display of Australian mammals, including other animals such as crocodiles (12 crocs!), cockatoos and parrots. The sanctuary also houses five endangered species, of which are in breeding programs. A love for animals in a must and they all work closely together to ensure the well being of the animals in their care.

The Zoo is set in 5 hectares (10 acres) of tropical gardens and comprises several guest B&B style accommodation rooms (including a large pool) and some 120 species of Australian native birds, mammals and reptiles including crocodiles, kangaroos, cassowaries, emus, dingos and wombats to name a few.

The Sanctuary is a brilliant day out from Port Douglas or Cairns for families, individuals and groups wanting to see, touch and photograph wildlife set within wetland reserves and purpose built aviaries with first class amenities.


Mossman, is situated in tropical North Queensland, the pretty town located at the bottom of the mountain regions. Neary is Mossman Gorge, a lush jungle trail leading to a waterfall, inside Daintree National Park.

Project Tasks

  • Daily feeding of animals and birds
  • Cleaning enclosures
  • Gardening, painting & light construction work
  • At times, assisting with the preparation of the accommodation rooms
  • Building new enclosures
  • There is also a farm located 250km inland and volunteers may choose to experience working on a farm if desired 

Food & Accommodation

Volunteers are housed dedicated volunteer guest house located separately from the main B&B quarters. The volunteer guest house sleeps up to 8, but generally no more than 4 volunteers at a time. There are 3 bedrooms, a living area and kitchen.

The accommodation is clean and comfortable with air conditioning and/or fans provided as it’s hot in Queensland! You’ll have full access to the pool area to chill out at your leisure, from 1pm onward each day. You’ll have access to a bicycle to get to Wonga Beach, local store etc.

Great food; all the fresh meat and vegetables that you can eat. Free Wifi is available at reception but most volunteers will purchase their own data plan with local sim.



We ask:

  • That you are a genuine, honest and hard working person
  • That you have a positive can-do attitude
  • That you are willing to get your hands dirty, get wet when it rains etc.
  • That you are comfortable around animals (no phobias of birds etc.)
  • That you are fluent in English and can understand general directions
  • That you have a sense of humor and don’t take things to heart (Important!)
  • That you do not smoke
  • That you do not have any special dietary requirements

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  • Arrival transfer from Mossman (Make own way from Cairns)
  • 7 nights accommodation p/week – Volunteer Center (single or twin share rooms)
  • 3 Meals per day (Breakfast, lunch & Dinner)
  • Bicycle for duration of stay (10 min bike ride to beach)
  • Transportation into Mossman town if needed
  • Volunteer discount rates on tours and attractions (heaps of local advise)
  • Use of necessary equipment and project materials
  • 24/7 in-country support
  • Certificate of Completion 
  • Travel insurance (mandatory)
  • Airfares & visa fees
  • Transportation from Cairns to Mossman (Bus costs approx AUD $50 return)
  • Additional tours, souvenirs, spending money

The Australian volunteer programs are very autonomous and often you may be the only volunteer on site. Orientation generally involves between 1-3 days in which the host family or volunteer coordinator provides various local tours and/or an in depth orientation of the area and the likely day to day objectives as a volunteer.

Free pick you up and drop off from the Mossman bus depot is included. This means you’ll need to find your own way to Mossman. Bus transfers operate multiple times daily from Cairns which is the closest airport.

Hours of work are typically 7.30am to 1.00pm with a break in between. This means you have your afternoon’s off to do as you please! Weekends are also free time. Every 2nd night 30mins for night feeding is also required. Please note, at times volunteering in the zoo can be hard work! You’ll need to be hard working to be accepted into the program 🙂

Just some of the wildlife you are likely to encounter at the zoo!

Freshwater Crocodile
Saltwater Crocodile
Tiger Quoll
Sugar Glider
Squirrel Glider
Northern Bettong
Rufous Bettong
Eastern Grey Kangaroo
King Quail
Dusky Moorhen
Buff-banded Rail
Pacific Black Duck
Plumed Whistling -Duck
Rainbow Lorikeet
Red-necked Lorikeet
Scaly-breasted Lorikeet
Varied Lorikeet
Black Kite
Eastern Rosella
Pale-headed Rosella
Northern Rosella
Western Rosella
Port Lincoln Ringneck
Mallee Ringneck
Twenty-eight Parrot
Blue-winged Parrot
Elegant Parrot
Turquoise Parrot
Scarlett-chested Parrot
Gouldian Finch
Australian Wood Duck
Cattle Egret
Nankeen Night Heron
Bush Thick-knee
Rose-crowned Fruit-Dove
Superb Fruit-Dove
Peaceful Dove
Bar-shouldered Dove
Zebra Finch
Long-tailed Finch
Plumb-headed Finch
Crimson Finch
Star Finch
Diamond Firetail
Chestnut-breasted Mannikin
Blue-faced Parrot-Finch
Emerald Dove
Spinifex Pigeon
Southern Boobook
Tawny Frogmouth
Blue-winged Kookaburra
Laughing Kookaburra
Double-barred Finc
Musk Lorikeet
Australian King Parrot
Red-winged Parrot
Cloncurry Ringneck
Golden-shouldered Parrot
Hooded Parrot
Blue Bonnet
Bourke’s Parrot
Crested Pigeon
Wonga Pigeon
Pied Imperial Pigeon
Red-tailed Black-Cockatoo
(4 sub-species)
Glossy Black-Cockatoo
Yellow-tailed BlackCockatoo
(2 sub-species)
White-tailed BlackCockatoo
(2 sub-species)
Gang-Gang Cockatoo
Galah (2 sub-species)
Long-billed Corella
(2 sub-species)
Little Corella
Short-billed Corella
Major Mitchell’s Cookatoo
Sulphur-crested Cockatoo
Eclectus Parrot
Superb Parrot
Regent Parrot
Princess Parrot
Red-capped Parrot
Red-rumped Pa
Adelaide Rosella
Green Rosella
Crimson Rosella
Yellow Rosella

There is plenty to get up to in Australia. From a trip into the Outback, admiring Uluru, wandering around the big cities, going on a river crocodile cruise in Darwin, surfing, diving, snorkelling, trekking through the rainforest, relaxing on a beautiful beach, swimming with whale sharks on the west side, sipping on delicious coffee, hugging a koala, the list goes on!

Volunteering in Australia can be the most cost effective way for gap year students and backpackers from all over the globe to experience this great country. From pristine surf beaches to hinterland mountains and outback deserts, IVI has options available to suit various needs and budgets.

Australia is a vast country, with a variety of different scenery. The Western side is much more quiet, with beautiful beaches, snorkelling and National Parks. The East side is popular with backpackers doing the trip from Melbourne to Cairns (or vice versa). And in the middle, you have the Outback, where you will find Uluru, formally known as Ayres Rock. Wherever you choose to explore in Australia, you are guaranteed to find adventure!

Australia is generally warm year rounnd in most places. Up North in Darwin you will find it’s always hot and humid and in the mountains in the South it will snow in winter, so always check the climate for whichever region you will be visiting.

Summer is from December to March and will be hot in most places. Winter is from June to August and can be warm or cool, depending which area you are in. Spring and Autumn can be the best months to travel due to the temperate climate. 

Australians are very friendly people and love being outdoors, active and enjoying the year round sunshine. It’s a very diverse country with many different cultures and backgrounds, such as Asian, British, Irish, Greek, African and of course the Indigenous groups. Australia holds some of the worlds first people.

Australians love a good drink and catch up with friends, as well as enjoying watching or playing sport! The outdoor lifestyle is evident here, with locals enjoying the beach, outdoor bars or the open parks and bushland. 

30 Years Non Profit Experience

IVI is an Australian charity & non profit organisation founded in 1989 and is one of the pioneers of overseas volunteering successfully placing over 20,000 volunteers globally.

Affordable Volunteer Travel

We’re not motivated by shareholder profits.   Our fees are fully transparent to ensure maximum benefit where it is most needed. 

Safe & Responsible Projects

All projects include a dedicated 24/7 in-country management team, operational & risk assessment & overseas support contact.   All projects are personally inspected to ensure very high quality.

Work Experience & University Credits

We place thousands of Uni students and can assist you with course credits and in-field experience points.   Many of our project coordinators are qualified practitioners in their respective fields allowing unique in-field supervision and Uni accreditation options

Check out this amazing blog with step by step info on how to raise funds for your overseas volunteer experience to help maximize your impact abroad. Guide to Fundraising

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Ready to Volunteer abroad? Complete your application in about 5 min


Not sure which program is right for you? Contact us for more info


Let's talk about it! Schedule your preferred time and date.

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