Childcare and Construction Volunteering Sri Lanka

Hi, I’m Dhammike. I am the country manager for Sri Lanka.


Sri Lanka:


The highlight of Sri Lanka was definitely the team; the drivers, coordinators, managers, chef, cleaners – everyone was so helpful and lovely. Everything felt very well organised and I felt very comfortable to talk about anything with them. The people of Sri Lanka in general were all so beautiful and friendly. 


Team, food and accommodation:

Again the team was amazing. The food was really good both at the accommodation and at the projects! I love spice, rice and curry so I was always happy. There was plenty of vegetables and plenty of food so always had enough to eat. The accommodation was clean, a nice temperature, hot and cold showers, lockers for valuables, good location.


Again I had originally put down to volunteer at a baby center, however on arrival I was told that that option was no longer available which was a real shame. I found other volunteer options which I ended up really enjoying but I was initially disappointed. 


If there is anything else I can help with please let me know. I am also happy to talk to other potential volunteers wanting to have a chat first. 


Thank you,




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