Woman's Empowerment

Women Empowerment Projects

Our women empowerment programs are some of our most rewarding. What better gift can you give to someone than to provide an education and inspiration, helping them to gain a bright future, with great opportunities. IVI’s women empowerment programs are focused mostly on education, and teaching English. Some of the women on our projects have not been able to have an education, simply becasue they are women. We are trying to change that and thankfuly, things are starting to change and women are trying to gain an education and to support themselves.

IVI volunteer at Nepal womens project

What do you do on women empowerment programs?

As said above, a lot of these projects will focus on teaching the English language. This can greatly help individuals looking for future career opportunites, and knowing how to speak English can greatly increase their job prospects, particually within the tourism industry. Other things volunteers can help with on our woman empowerment projects abroad, is in helping the women to find talents they already have, that could provide an income. Things like craft making, sewing, knitting, painting, etc. These are things the women can make and sell in the local markets. You can provide valuable help in teaching them how to best go about it, how to save their money, how to set up their business and how to promote their products. This information can be so valuable and inspirational for the women, who can finally start earning their own living and support thier families.

hart community lautoka volunteering

Who can volunteer?

Anyone! For those who are fluent in English, the help you can give to the women will be invaluable. It gives the women a chance to speak with a native English speaker, and you will naturally be able to help with prounciation, basic phrases, reading and writing. The knowledge and skills you can teach these women will help them be able to continue on thier own and look after themselves independently. We offer women empowerment programs in Kenya, Tanzania, Nepal, Fiji and India. Each is a little different so take a look at each one and decide which is the best for for you!