33 Years of Volunteering Overseas

Charity & Non profit organisation

Proud Charity & Non Profit Org

Established in 1989, Involvement Volunteers International are pioneers of Volunteer Overseas experiences. Together with our many partners worldwide, our mission is to Educate, fight poverty, improve health and empower change through sustainable volunteer work in developing communities abroad.

As a Non Profit Org, we’re not motivated by profits, we’re focused on helping people. We fund-raise for materials so that our impact is significant and lasting in the communities we work with.

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35+ Years Of Volunteering Abroad...

And still going strong thanks to the 25000+ volunteers we’ve successfully placed worldwide since 1989. IVI offer a range of standard and specialized programs in childcare, teaching, medicine, nutrition, public health, construction, conservation, agriculture and more!

A volunteer travel experience offers a unique opportunity to learn and grow and can be truly life changing for all involved. Our carefully selected programs are designed to help you actually make a difference.


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Meaningful Volunteering

24/7 Support

We have an excellent safety record, in-country round the clock support & emergency assistance.

Top Accomodation

Secure, safe and clean accomodation. Stay in a homestay for an authentic experience!

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Amazing Record

IVI have successfully placed over 25,000 volunteers in overseas projects.

Quality Projects

We audit our projects to make sure they are ethical and meet long-term goals.


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Why IVI?

Make a Real Impact​

We focus on projects with genuine needs.  Community, Healthcare, Education, Childcare, Construction etc. You'll leave feeling like you truly achieved something​.

Top Rated

We were voted 'Top Overseas Volunteering Organisation 2019' by APAC insider Australia awards. We have thousands of positive testimonies

35+ Years in Operation​​

IVI is one of the pioneers of overseas volunteering. Established in 1989 we have trustworthy partners that know the local needs and treat every volunteer with love.

Charity & Non Profit​​

We don't just send volunteers overseas, we run campaigns and fundraise for materials so that our impact is significant and lasting in communities that need it.

Affordable Placements​​

Why pay thousands to volunteer abroad? It shouldn't cost that much. We're a non-profit org so we're not focused on profits, we're focused on helping people​. 

Flexibility & Choice​​

We have over 100+ projects in 20 countries. Most of our programs start every week so you have options around destinations, projects and start dates. 

Travel with purpose

Explore. Enjoy. Give Back with IVI


Bradley Scale
Bradley Scale
Bodhgaya, India
My volunteer placement in Bodhgaya was a profoundly rich experience, which I’m quite sure has altered my path in life to align more closely with my soul’s purpose. I spent a lot of time……
Maria Edelskov
Maria Edelskov
Kindergarten, Nepal
I’m truly thankful for the past two months I’ve spent in this special country. I’ve met so many beautiful and inspiring people and have been exposed to a completely different way of living....
Remote Island Teaching, Fiji
Honestly my entire trip was a highlight. Being in the school compound fully immersed on a local remote island made everyday full of indescribable experiences that I will cherish forever.
Dog & Cat Rehabilitation, Guatemala
Guatemala was amazing! I got to really bond with the people and the dogs at my placement and loved going there everyday. I was also able to contribute by helping rebuild parts of the shelter and providing them with food and medicine.
Sophie Blackwell
Sophie Blackwell
Bodghaya, India
I cannot put into words my experience here, the children, the villages, the people, the staff are some of the best people I have met in my life so far. I am very sad to be leaving, as I’m sure everyone is.
Asia Rosso
Asia Rosso
Nutrition, Bali
Thank you for the amazing program! The experience in Bali was one of the most amazing adventures I’ve lived in my life. Highlights of the trip: The introduction week was really helpful in order to gain a right approach to the Indonesian culture.
Medical, Cambodia
The volunteering experience in the hospital was fabulous. The doctors and nurses were so helpful and so kind and Mr. Eaw our guide was very very helpful — he managed to get us to see most of the operations and speak to several doctors.
Turtle Conservation, Sri Lanka
My favorite thing was that baby turtles hatched while I was there and returning them to the ocean was a life-changing experience I was able to witness twice. Also living and working directly at the beach was the best and most of my free time I was spending there. Ambalangoda is such a nice place and I can’t recommend going there enough!

Featured Project

Turtle Conservation in Bali
$ 475 USD p/person
+ Application fee
  • Sea turtles in Indonesian islands face various threats, including habitat destruction due to coastal development, pollution, and climate change. Help at the local sanctuary cleaning tanks, measuring & cleaning turtles, beach cleaning & feeding turtles!

  • Accommodation
  • In Country Transportation
  • 3 Meals a Day
  • In-country 24/7 Support
  • Airport Pickup

“Volunteering was the best experience of my life! The turtles are so cute and it was very fulfilling to take care of them. I met loads of amazing people, visited places that looked absolutely out of this world, and gained lots of independence. I feel as though this experience has changed me as a person, I’ve learnt a lot. The coordinators are amazing: they’re easygoing, funny, dedicated and always there to make you smile. The food and the accommodation was excellent.”


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