Medical Internships – Observing Real Doctors Abroad

Working Hospitals, Real Doctors & Meaningful Experiences 

So you’re on the pre-medical track in school, at uni or perhaps you already have your degree…. Either way, you feel called to a career in medicine and healthcare.   It’s no secret that the medical field has one of the most competitive talent pool markets going and applicants with an edge on the competition are the ones willing to go outside their comfort zone and show a real aptitude for learning and growth.

Standing out from the crowd

Global education in the form of hospital internships are a game changer in any student development plan.  It proves a willingness and desire not only to learn all facets and disciplines but also a genuine desire to help others (which should be core to the medical field).    Whether you’re seeking insight for your first medical school interview or just need the confidence that comes form real deal observation in a working hospital, medical internships are the go for any aspiring professional.

“I was really surprised at the range of medical projects available through IVI.   I chose Nepal as the price was right and I liked how I could mix the program with some remote village construction volunteering.”   Alan,  Australia 2016

Challenge & Growth

As a medical intern, you’ll be placed in local hospitals and medical centers in developing world communities.   These facilities are generally characterized by a lack of resources and busy overloaded staff.   This experience will test your ability to deal with overwhelming situations and will enable life long learning opportunities.  

As a medical volunteer abroad you’ll generally come with some good knowledge acquired through your studies and experiences, hence your presence is of great benefit to the local staff.  By working with busy centers, we can offer participants a large variety of departments and options including:

Community Health & Outreach
Dietetics & Nutrition

You’ll be placed in departments which match your most relevant knowledge and skill level.   You just need to advise us on your application, what specialist area you are involved with and we’ll help you pick the best placement for you.


Mentorship from real doctors, nurses and medical staff is at the core of every placement.   Your department mentor will be a real professional working in the field.   You will shadow and observe as they go about their busy days.   They will provide guidance and supervision and in some cases depending on skill levels, you may be able to perform procedures or take on specific roles as seen fit.  We work hard with our partner organisations to ensure that the medical internship mentors are understand the educational aims of the programs. 

How to Volunteer Abroad In Medicine & Healthcare

Becoming a medical healthcare volunteer could seem a bit daunting.   You want to get the most out of the experience.  We get it!    So we try to provide as much information about the placement on each project page to help you gain a real appreciation for what to expect.  We always recommend contacting us to talk through the options and when you’re ready simply submit an application.   From there, the approval process normally takes about 24-48 hours and depending on the country there may be additional forms and qualification certificates to provide.   We’ll step you through the whole process and make it simple and fun!  

Why Choose IVI for your Medical Internship Experience?

  • We’ve been doing this for a while.   30 years to be exact!   We are well qualified to help you
  • We’re affordable!   You’ve seen how much some competitors charge.  We’re non-profit
  • We offer high quality, responsible and legitimate programs.  
  • We provide completion certificates on all programs and can provide referrals where required
  • We have heaps of medical & healthcare projects in over 10 destinations
  • We have various options including home stay experiences and volunteer center experiences
  • We can offer additional volunteer projects & experiences to supplement your medical program

Some of our most popular hospital internships:



Nepal medical internship IVI




hospital placements india

Goa, India

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