Thailand: Singburi Satisfies Your Senses

"I left a piece of my heart in Thailand."

Singburi Satisfies Your Senses- Experience from a volunteer

Every morning, I would wake up in Sing Buri to the sounds of different birds, different smells and full of excitement. In volunteering, I really felt like I saw the authentic Thailand that many tourists miss. I saw daily Thai life and local governments as well as the usual tourist attractions. Staying in Sing Buri, I felt immersed in Thai culture in a way that the average teenager doesn’t always get to do when visiting a country. I will miss Thailand forever and have so many amazing memories. I left a piece of my heart in Thailand. I could go on and on about how ecstatic I am about my time volunteering in Thailand. I am immensely grateful that I had this opportunity and the friends I have made while in Thailand I still keep up with and will probably for many years after.

I have never cried harder leaving a country. But Thailand left me absolutely wrecked. I have never had so much fun, learnt so much or grown so much. The list of how Thailand impacted me is endless.

Why should you volunteer in Thailand?

For starters, if you want to go to a country with the nicest people, volunteering in Thailand is your best bet. I have never met more hospitable people. Everyone bends over backwards to help you. I experienced no hostility towards foreigners, only curiosity, smiles and a helping hand. During my volunteer project in Sing Buri, my local co-ordinator and I became very good friends. Since she was the only one that spoke English and we were both of similar ages, the two of us navigated the Thai local government together as a team. Not only did she help with the language, she listened to me vent, exchanged stories and answered all of the questions I had. We soon had inside jokes, and became great friends. We both bawled when I had to leave. She helped me when I got sick, brought me medicine, took me to the hospital and checked up on me every day. Such a genuinely nice person, as are the majority of Thai people. These character traits are shown in almost all of the Thai people I met and are perfect example of how kind and generous the local people are.

If you want to go to a country with delicious food and incredible lanscapes then volunteer in Thailand. To taste the mouth-watering Thai food from its country of origin is amazing. I learnt how to make stir fried rice noodles and papaya salad which was so fun and delicious too. Throughout the country, wherever you go, you can get massive portions of delicious food for very cheap prices. Thailand is the only place that I gained weight during my travel there! The range of food is also incredible. I tried dragon fruit, rambutan, scorpion, passion fruit, among the more recognized, bananas, mangoes, chicken, pork and seafood. All of the fruit was so sweet and delicious. I was amazed by the flavors and am going to miss Thai food so much, there is nothing like freshly fried bananas in the morning.

If you want to have a lot of stuff to do then I’d recommend volunteering in Thailand. Every weekend my new friends and I would travel to different parts of the country and do and see amazing things. One weekend, we flew to Phuket (round trip 80 USD!!!) and went to the beach, a beautiful waterfall, saw a Buddhist temple, went shopping, went out for a lovely dinner and then went out clubbing that night. That was just one weekend. There is so much to do in Thailand; you’ll leave wanting to go back.

Massive Buddhist temples and statues are found throughout the country, particuarly in Singburi and I had the opportunity to see many of them up close, which is a great way to understand Thai Buddhism and how religion impacts daily life. I tried so many new foods, saw so many new things and learnt so much about a culture that is so different from my own. There is absolutely something for every type of person. Volunteer in Thailand today with IVI. 

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