Review of Nutrition Projects in Fiji

"The highlight for me was seeing how they really do live in Fiji and experiencing the culture in the villages"

Thank you! I had the most amazing time, Fiji is absolutely beautiful and I loved experiencing the culture and doing the health checks! Also, what other places do you do the nutrition volunteering just so I know for future ?

Highlights of the trip:
The highlight for me was seeing how they really do live in Fiji and experiencing the culture in the villages etc. The people were absolutely beautiful. Staying at the resort was also a massive unexpected bonus- how amazing!! ALso we had an awesome volunteer group

Comments on the team, food and accommodation:
The team was awesome- great group of girls! accommodation and food were also great, no complaints from me. The days were quite long, some days we did 8-9 hour days which was a bit unexpected as the welcome pack said we would be finishing around 3pm.

Any improvements to help us be better:
I had an awesome time on the trip and loved meeting the locals and being able to help with health checks. I am personally super passionate about improving health and preventing disease (i’m sure we all are) and patient education to be able to do this. I felt as though there is definitely more room for educating these people as I felt as though we just kind of gave them their results and gave them a small couple of tips to improve but it would be awesome to get the village together before/after the health checks maybe explain what their results mean and maybe a presentation/ just a group chat on what to eat etc to help with their health.

In the rural villages they had such a lack to resources to improve their health e.g. clean drinking water and I would love to be involved in some kind of project where somehow money is put into getting clean drinking water on the islands or vegetables for example. These are just the thoughts coming to mind haha- overall i had an amazing time and will definitely be back to volunteer!

Also- just on a side note, I spoke to Carrun about this also, but with the database of all the records you have I think you could produce some amazing statistics and reports!! e.g. whether the program has improved health over the years etc. I have just finished a thesis and have a bit of experience in stats so I am more than happy to volunteer my time to run some stats on this data just for fun if that’s something that you would be interested in at all!

Anywho thanks for getting in contact! If there is any way I can get more involved I would love to help ūüôā

Kind Regards,

Fiji Nutrition Project

Nutrition project Fiji

“I would repeat this experience over and over again without a shadow of doubt”

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