Review of Kindergarten Project in Ubud

My volunteering experience in Bali was truly amazing!

The Introduction week was great (we visited Temples, Ubud, a traditional dance show, made Batic Painting & much more!) and after that, my project in the kindergarten started.

You have to work from 8-10h with 30 Minutes break. The kids are 5-6 years old, and don‘t know much English, so you have to teach them the basics very playfully. Working in the kindergarten can be very loud, but overall it‘s fun and the kids have are so sweet and thankfull!

On the afternoon you can chill at the pool or make day trips to waterfalls,go out for dinner in Ubud or even go to the beach (45 Min drive). On the weekends nearly nobody stays in the accomondation, everyone goes on trips to discover more of Bali.

It was such a great experience and the time went by so fast. I would definetly recommend it!

Comments on local team, food and accommodation
The local team is so sweet and very helpfull. I had a surf accident and they really took care of me. They can also help you with visa extention.

The food was very traditional Indonsian food but soo good! Fresh fruit to every meal. The accomantions are small, but they get cleaned every day. The bathrooms are western.



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