Turtle Program in Bali – Review

It was an amazing week working with a diverse group of volunteers from around the world. We got to experience working with turtles from nearly hatched to around 8 months old. They were extremely cute and you could really see the impact of the volunteering when we released them into the wild. It became clear after working there for a few days that volunteers are essential to keeping the project going so it felt good to be part of something that can help ensure the survival of these beautiful animals. With turtles needing almost 20 years to come back to breed, the beaches and island change so much in that time with development and pollution it is more important than ever that we do what we can.

Comments on local team, food and accommodation
The team were very kind and great to work with. They made the hard tasks fun and always had a smile on their face. It was also great to end the week with the bonfire where we shared about our experience. A special thank you to the chefs and servers who tirelessly prepared all our meals for the week.

I think a group Whatsapp so people could invite others to dinner, beach, activities would be good. That way we would be able to be more inclusive. – Errol


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