Animal Shelter Fiji Testimonial

The volunteering was amazing!! I really enjoyed my time in Fiji working with all the staff members at Animals Fiji, they were all amazing and made us feel so welcome.
During the volunteering I spent time in the shelter working with the puppies, dogs and kittens, the tasks included health checks, cleaning, walking the animals, feeding, and giving medication. Within the clinic I spent time in the hospital, working with the vet assistants and vets. I learnt so much during the trip which included checking vitals, administering medications and how to conduct an initial consultation.
One of the highlights for me was definitely attending the desexing clinic in Laukato, and working with the staff.

Comments on local team, food and accommodation
The team at the shelter were extremely welcoming, knowledgeable and friendly. They made the transition there very easy and helped whenever they could. The food and accommodations were lovely, with the family and other volunteers there were very welcoming. Having other volunteers with us, made the transition easier as we were able to discuss our experiences as well as meet a variety of different people from different backgrounds.

Any improvements to help us be better?
Ideas for donations that Animals Fiji might need at the time volunteers are coming.


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