Animal Shelter Review in Fiji

Volunteering was excellent, I got to experience what it was like to be working with animals in Fiji. I had conversations with locals which gave me great insight into religious and cultural beliefs which impact animal control.

Comments on local team, food and accommodation
Being immersed in local culture was fantastic and gave an experience which I would not have had the chance outside of this project. Our home stay was lovely, always willing to help out and teach us about the local culture.

Any improvements to help us be better?
Our home stay was over 2 hours away by public transport from the animal which was not feasible when our days were 8-5pm.

We had no communication with Animals Fiji prior to arrival and when we arrived were told they were not expecting us therefore had no projects for us to help with (still got to help in other ways but no outreach projects like suggested).


*The above issues are being addressed and we are finding accommodation closer to the project – IVI Team


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