Children’s Orphanage Fiji – Review

" Every day we sat with the children and they loved doing the word search puzzles that we had brought."


The highlight of the trip was meeting new people and living the Fijian life and not a tourist life. We used the public transport to get to the orphanage. It was a 20 minute walk to the bus station and another 40 minute ride. Our family organised a card for us to use. Bus tickets were only $2.78 one way each. We also used the taxi service which is amazingly cheap compared to Australian Taxi fees. Tasting the different types of foods was great.

At the orphanage we were blown away how friendly the mothers were and how well behaved the children were. Everyone had a role to play. I have taken some photos of the orphanage. On our last day we were together with two other volunteers from New Zealand. We worked well together and set up an area for the children to play. There was a lot of washing each day. Every day we sat with the children and they loved doing the word search puzzles that we had brought. I donated two bags of art and crafts supplies which were gratefully received.

Food, accomodation, hosts:

Our hosts were amazing and made sure that we were taken care of. We had our room together that was well equipped with everything we needed. We were taken on a tour to the shops, bus station and to be inducted at the orphanage. One of the mother’s took us through and explained the routine and our jobs for the day. It was better when we had another team there that we could do projects together with.
I will aim to sent some donations to the orphanage and use my experience to encourage other’s to do the same. It has been an amazing experience.

Next time I will look at doing two weeks instead of one. I will also look into the fund my project page and get this started early to help with the cost of volunteering overseas.

Can’t wait to do it again.

Link to Orphanage Fiji Project

fiji at the orphanage

IVI Fiji volunteering


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