Fiji Health Education Review

Volunteering in Fiji was truly a life-changing experience. It was so fulfilling to interact and connect with the youth in the villages and schools. I enjoyed teaching the children how to wash their hands and brush their teeth in the schools. The kids were so eager to learn and they couldn’t stop smiling and hugging myself and the other volunteers. It was touching to see how happy the people of Fiji are, even though they do not have a lot of money, the community is super tight and connected.

Comments on local team, food and accommodation
The local team was extremely welcoming and friendly. It was very easy to contact them if you needed anything. Transportation always arrived on time. The food was delicious and included some traditional Fijian cuisine. The accommodation was close to nearby hotels, restaurants, shopping and beaches!

Any improvements to help us be better?
Allow for registration of more than 1 program at once. For part of my trip I was able to enter the sports program since the hours didn’t conflict with health education. It would have been nice to do both for the entire trip. So maybe during registration, it could offer to add programs at your specific site.


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