Fiji Kindergarten Teaching in Suva

"I ended up having the best month of my entire life and fell in love with Fiji"

Highlights of the trip:

Meeting the other volunteers and going out with them. It was insanely fun staying in a house with other people and hanging out with the other volunteers on my free time.

Comments on the team, food and accommodation:

Food was very good. Team was always super friendly and accommodating in Suva. They really cared about me and were sure to say hello and ask how I was doing every chance they got. I would highly recommend that you guys inform people that are going to stay in Sigatoka how many other volunteers they are going to be with so they don’t end up in the same situation I was in. In Sigatoka, there was not much to do in my free time and the coordinators there were not particularly helpful with telling u what there was to do in the area. The Suva location, however, was much more fit for volunteers to enjoy their free time while being close to essential amenities such as a super market and an ATM.

Any improvements to help us be better:

Better communication in regards to preparing for the trip. I was never informed that I needed to have a copy of a valid criminal record check in order to volunteer yet other volunteers who went through IVHQ were informed of this.

All in all I ended up having the best month of my entire life and fell in love with Fiji. Thank you so much Lauren for helping me change programs when I wasn’t enjoying myself. I truly appreciate everything you did to help me during, and before, my time in Fiji!


Group of IVI volunteers


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