Hospital Internship & Health Program Review

"Thank you for the amazing opportunity. I believe our medical placement had a huge impact on both us and the beautiful people we met. We did interventions and education to improve lives. We're already trying to work out when to do it again, and are looking to encourage other professionals to join us, to make the biggest difference."

Hi Lauren,

Just a short note to thank you for everything involved with our Fiji experience. It exceeded my expectations of how I would be affected by nursing and being involved deeply within the culture and lives of the Fijian families and many people I had the gift of meeting. Through much laughter, many tears and my endless questions, my understanding of the Fijian lifestyle is personal and true, as all my learning came direct from the Fijian people surrounding me.

Being my first time leaving my homeland and family, the experience left me humbled and slightly altered on many levels, I now look forward to future volunteering in nursing as soon as my finances allow me to venture off again. Thank you so much for your support and we will get some other material to you for your website.

PS: I still don’t facebook. Cheers Suanne xxxxx

Pete and Suanne Dawson, July 2018



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