Primary School Teaching Suva Review – 2016

Bula, Lauren!

The trip to Fiji was really amazing and rewarding! Highly recommended to people of all ages!! Thank you for offering me such a wondering experience of a lifetime. The whole arrangement by IVI was perfectly smooth and we were well-informed of the dos and don’ts before the journey started. Special thanks to you as you are very helpful and always reply to my many queries promptly:)


It has been 2 weeks already since I left Fiji. 100% a great place for traveling, volunteering and meeting friends from all over the world. I miss everything there, especially the people and their lovely ‘Fiji smile’. They were just too friendly and easy-going. Our placements in a kindergarten in Suva and a rural primary school in Nadi were definitely the best parts of the trip. I enjoyed the teaching and was pleased that I could really help the local teachers a bit with the progress of some weaker students. (Always worrying about having no contribution at all before the trip XD) You would be surprised when you find out the huge difference in learning levels the students could have in one class, i.e. the smart ones were learning multiplication in maths while some could not even recognize the numbers from 1 to 10. Hopefully, there will be more volunteers joining in the future so that the program can be sustained in a long run.

Many thanks,

Jennifer (Hong Kong)

P.S. Attached some photos of the program highlights.

photo1 photo2 photo3

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