Kindergarten Teaching in Suva, Fiji

It was a very busy first week in the kindergarten with parents and quest speakers in the classroom everyday so there wasn’t much for the volunteers to do with the kids, but was still lovely to be back there.

By far my favourite part of the trip was the village tutoring in the afternoons. I had a small group of 3-5 children for one hour and really had a chance to see which children needed more assistance and make sure they were involved in the lesson. The children in the village were so willing to learn and were very engaged in the lessons. It was such a rewarding experience and one I will definitely want to been involved in again.

It is much harder in a big classroom with over 30 children and 3 teachers (plus 3-4 volunteers) to feel like I am making a difference. I did write on my feedback form that i thought there were too many volunteers in the kindergarten.

Please feel free to share my photos and thoughts for website, facebook or instagram sites.

Thanks again Brian, i look forward to my next volunteer mission (hopefully next year) where i will be looking to go somewhere different with different needs.






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