Mum & Daughter Volunteering – Orphanage Fiji 2016

To say we thoroughly enjoyed our stay in Fiji would be an understatement. We had the pleasure of staying with Masi and Mare.  Their welcoming nature and willingness to go ‘beyond the call of duty’ was amazing. From the time we walked in the door until the time we left, we felt completely comfortable and at home in their presence. During our stay, we……..

were fortunate enough to volunteer at the Orphanage. This was a wonderful and touching experience, which was enhanced by the great organisation from the IVI team and the beautiful staff, which welcomed us into the Home. The care for the children there was brilliant, and to be given the opportunity to connect and get to know these gorgeous children was very touching.

Weekends were also fun and adventurous, involving day trips which IVI (Masi) assisted us to organise.  This all culminated to provide us with an affordable, amazing, exciting and touching experience which we will never forget.

Something that I really thought was wonderful, was, after leaving Masi and Mare’s house fairly early, travelling to the orphanage, fairly big days, travelling home, then to find the evening meal cooked and ready and delicious and my clothes washed and put on my bed and room cleaned!!!  So fantastic, it was wow wow wow!!!! So from a single mum’s perspective, not having to go grocery shopping after work, do the washing, cook dinner, do house work, feed animals and water plants etc etc it was so great, I had a glass of wine and ate dinner yay yay yay.

Thank you is not enough for the assistance and care which IVI provided us before and during our trip. Thank you also Lauren for all your assistance, I know I had lots of questions. Thank you for your patience xx
Thanks again, we will hopefully be back!

Much love Maggie & Abbey O’Callaghan
(please pass this on to Masi and Mare and say Hi from us)

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