Fiji Nutrition & Health- Review by Valerie

"diversity in the nutrition volunteer work from health checks to education"

The time spent in Fiji was for me a formative time. I’ve really appreciated to be back to the “island” community, with their smile and life philosophy, with a health purpose in mind. I’ve also met supportive and nice people in the team.
I would love to be back in Fiji or Vanuatu when finances permitted.
Could you also please let me know how IVI is using the health data collected by volunteers? Do you send them back to government, do you use it to get fundings….?

Highlights of the trip:
– The smile and philosophy of Fijian people: a good lesson of humility.
– The diversity in the nutrition volunteer work from health checks to education, from community and villages to employers. A large spectrum of experience!
– The generosity and kindness of the hosting family

Comments on the team, food and accommodation:
– A big thank you to Macie, Mare & Lacey for their exceptional hosting and food.
– Lot of gratitude to have been part of a team that was supportive, sharing and had a wonderful sense of humor. This has enriched the experience above expectations from a technical and human point of view.

Any improvements to help us be better:
– Having more information before departure about the first “port of call” (I don’t remember getting the address where I was heading to for the first night, only a first name and phone number). If the host had not been there at the airport, I wouldn’t have been able to give any address to a taxi
– Making population (villager or member of community) receiving our visit more aware that we are not doctor and our role is to triage and educate, not to heal or prescribe. Or getting a doctor on board to manage (emergency) clinical cases.

Yours in health and wellness,

IVI volunteers eating with locals in fiji

IVI volunteers teaching Fijian children about health

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