Sigatoka, Fiji Primary School Teaching Review

"It was an amazing opportunity that I will never forget. "

It was an amazing opportunity that I will never forget. Will definitely be interested in doing some more volunteering in the near future.

Highlights of the trip:

Teaching the kids at Nokonoko District was very fulfilling.

Learning more about the Fijian language and overall culture.

Day trip to snorkel with sharks on Kuata Island (part of the Yasawa Islands).

Meeting and making friends with my coordinators and fellow volunteers.

The team:

The coordinators at Sigatoka were excellent, they were friendly, very helpful and a good support system. The food was also very enjoyable and an experience within itself. Accommodation was good, ? and the location was amazing.


I think the administration in Suva needs to be looked at though. There seems to be a few miscommunications that happens more often than not. And also for IVI, the option to pay for the introduction during placement, I’ve already been to Fiji so I didn’t mind not doing it. Just to save the trouble for those who haven’t been Fiji, to turn up to the house to be asked if you’ve paid for introduction and have no idea what they’re talking about ?.


children at Fiji teaching project secluded Fiji beach palm trees in front of sunset

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