Island Construction Review Fiji – 2017


Hi Lauren,

I had an amazing experience in Fiji!


-living with my host family, it was an amazing experience

-the island!, it was such a cool experience and the views were amazing

-being able to make a difference in the village

Team,food, accomodation:

-as for the team who helped me through the application process, they were amazing, and really helpful with answering all my questions. The welcome pack was really thorough and helpful.

-the team in Fiji was excellent too being more than helpful with any purchases I needed to make and taking me different places.

-The food never stopped! And I’m not complaigning! It was really cool eating what they eat so I was really happy with the food.

-as for accomodation it was exactly as i expected from the welcome pack so it was great, I knew it wasn’t going to be 5 star going in haha but that’s all part of the experience so I loved it.


-everything was really good. I outlined in my application exactly what I wanted to help with and that’s what happened. I noticed from Shane (volunteered in my last week) that he was expecting teaching the whole time so he was a bit surprised with maintenance tasks so perhaps having a little bit more info on what would be expected of those volunteers who come thinking “just to teach”. But that didn’t affect me, I was 100% satisfied.

My host family and his family were very accomodating and kind.

Thanks heaps for your program, I really enjoyed that it actually helped the people unlike some other organisations.

Kind regards,


Link to Remote Island Teaching Project





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