Remote Island Teaching: Fiji Review

"I had such a memorable time, I will never forget it"

Hi Lauren,

I just wanted to say a huge thank you for organising this amazing experience. I had such a memorable time, I will never forget it. Would you recommend any other kinds of volunteering I could help out with. Fiji was incredible. Is Samoa similar? Anyway I’ll have a look but just wanted to say thanks. Masi was amazing too!


Note from country manager:
-“Once in while we have a beautiful soul come down and Volunteer with us and Alex was one of them. Her bags went all the way up to the Yasawa’s when she arrived and had to borrow clothes for a few days while I arranged her bags for her but she just took it all in her stride and she made every moment on the Island a memorable experience for her.   Regards, Masi, IVI Fiji”


remote island on Fiji

voluntter with child in Fiji

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