Special Needs Fiji Placement Review – 2015

photo 2


Hi Lauren!
I loved volunteering, the children at the school were so welcoming and happy all the time. I was placed in the junior class, which was quite a challenge as they were often misbehaving, but of course it was so rewarding helping them. I especially liked the teacher, Mrs. Chand, who was so friendly, and she would always make sure that all the kids were receiving the attention they needed.

It was definitely an eye opener for me, just the fact that these kids with various mental and physical difficulties, or behavioural problems, were all put into the same class would be very different to how kids with the same disabilities would be grouped in Australia. I definitely learnt a lot (even a bit of sign language) and wouldn’t trade the experience for anything.

Fijians are also such friendly people, and I always enjoyed talking to them, and learning more about the Fijian culture.

I’ve attached a few photos as well, although they aren’t the best quality. Thanks for all your help, it’s been much appreciated ūüôā

Clara (Australia)


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