Mangrove conservation in Cambodia Review

"I really appreciated the diversity of the work."

I had an amazing time in Cambodia!

Highlights of the trip:
I really appreciated the diversity of the work. Each day was a different mix of planting and collecting seeds which made it all very interesting. Collecting mangrove fruits from already established trees was something I had never done before so that was definitely a highlight. The work involving filling bags with mud was also a highlight as it made me feel like a little kid again, playing in the mud! Being able to help out with teaching the local kids English was a nice surprise. I grew attached to the kids and was sad to say goodbye to them at the end.

Comments on the team, food and accomodation:

I found all of the guides to be very helpful and knowledgable about the mangrove plantation and travelling around Cambodia in general. Although basic, the accomodation was beautiful as it was settled in amongst mangrove trees. The Chief of the community went above and beyond to ensure all the volunteers were comfortable and even installed hammocks outside our rooms. The food was also excellent!

Any improvements to help us be better:

I preferred the first week because there were only 4 volunteers. By the second week there were 10 of us and I feel like there was maybe not enough work for such a big group. I think if there are many volunteers it would be best to split us into groups. Also I would have appreciated more detailed information in advance such as transport to the accomodation, and its location.

Overall though it was a fantastic experience and I would definitely recommend this program to anyone. Please find attached some photos.

Many thanks to yourself and Nuth Ya for organising.


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