Cambodia Review

Thank you Lauren, I had the best time!! definitely a trip that touched my heart. Do you have Instagram? That’s where I posted my pictures, I captured some of  the best moments!

Highlights of the trip: Firstly, teaching the children in the school in Cambodia was the biggest highlight as watching them learn new things and being so keen and happy to learn was amazing to be a part of. By doing this trip I felt I was able to truly help people rather than just donating to an organisation and felt that I’ve hugely grown from the experience personally. It was such a rewarding experience to teach them English that they will be able to use to hopefully better their lives. Also staying with everyone in the house was amazing as we got to meet new people from different countries which was so cool!

Comments on the team, food and accomodation: the team was awesome! Everyone was really welcoming and if we ever needed anything we knew we could go to them for help! The food was very good and delicious it pushed us to try new things and we were not disappointed. The accomodation was also very good, very basic but good and we loved how everyone got to eat dinner together at the table. Loved it!!

Improvements: Maybe a little bit more communication before going away with what we were specially doing overseas as we got there and were a bit confused on what we were teaching etc. but other than that everything was organised so well which we were really impressed with !

Thank you so much for an unforgettable experience !

– grace 🙂

Fiji in 2019 🙂

flowers with the children Grace with the children at school in cambodia Lovely photo of volunteer grace with a child

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