Refugee Camps Greece – Medical Volunteer Team 2017

“Greece update: one month in.

I can’t believe I’ve been in this incredible country for a month already. While I’m missing everyone at home so much, I know I’m in the right place right now.

A fortnight ago I came to a small island called Chios which is 7kms from the coast of Cesme, Turkey. Chios, along with Lesvos, Samos and other nearby islands are the true gateways to Europe, where displaced people make the dangerous journey across the Aegean sea to reach Greek waters. Here they register for asylum and await their fate.

Over the last fortnight I’ve worked amongst some incredible people. I’ve taught a daily English class to Afghani women, worked in a Children’s house for kids aged 0-6, helped sort and distribute clothing and served hot tea to refugees within the camp. One of the greatest privileges so far as been giving immediate care at the port to a boat of refugees who arrived yesterday, wet and cold. One of the most incredible things we do is provide food, water, blankets, dry clothes and shelter to refugees who arrive by boat to Chios, day or night before they are taken to be registered.

Seeing and hearing stories that are simply too awful to believe, where human rights seem to be a non-existent concept has been eye opening. Despite the suffering, a beautiful contrast exists. The refugees I have met show amazing resilience and spirit and make the best that they can, out of their current situation ????????

Samantha Malin, Australia


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