Bodhgaya India FAQ for female volunteers


My questions were all the things a girl needs to know when she is about to set off to a third world country……
Were you able to shower daily?
Did you have to walk to another building for a shared shower or what is the situation?
Was there ever the luxury of hot water?
Was there time restrictions for water supplies?
Bathrooms, western, in room, in same building, how far to walk?
Could you purchase soap, shampoo locally and easily if you ran out?
Could you walk around town if you wanted to?
What kind of Yoga do they ask you participate in each morning?
Is it all floor sitting or are there any chairs?
What did you teach the children?
What did you wish you had known before you got there?
How best can one serve these children and the school?
I am 60+, but with very high energy even though I have arthritis and just need to be prepared. I will be in India for one month.Hi Tricia,

Absolutely happy to help!

Okay so showers yes, are taken daily but when I was there no hot water unfortunately (as with most of Asia) however I did find invigorating once I got used to it šŸ™‚ Brian and I had a private room and shower/bathroom to ourselves but in case you are with others it will be ladies only and in your room. Please be aware the toilet standards are not the same as Western toilets so I took a big packet of baby wipes that I would wipe everything over before I used.

Soap and other toiletries can easily be purchased in town on by the stalls on the sides of the road and I absolutely loved walking around town, the temples are beautiful (must see the Bodhi tree temple). I would definitely suggest not going out once dark however and keep activities to the day, in which you will most likely be with other people also. I am a runner and went for a few jogs on my own but felt more comfortable when I had company (as I would often get asked where is my husband haha).

The class rooms are all fitted with chairs/desks and you will be treated with the highest respect (always provided a chair) and made to feel comfortable at all times. English and Math are the two primary teaching areas however there is a craft class and many other areas you can teach if you have a speciality or interest area.

Hmm regarding what I wish I had known…I had to been to India a couple of times before so the initial culture shock I was very prepared for. But if this is your first time expect to feel sweaty, dirty, overwhelmed, overjoyed and inspired in many ways. India is an onslaught on all your senses. Spirituality is a topic of many conversations and it is interwoven in all that they do which I found beautiful and sometimes confronting too.

Just your presence alone means so much to the children so I think by having an open and happy heart that is flexible to go with the needs of the moment or day will enable you to feel most helpful. There is so much help needed in all areas so offering insight or initiative (before waiting to be asked) will be greatly appreciated too.

I hope this helps! And I have no doubt you have an incredible journey ahead of you šŸ™‚

Kind regards,
God bless.



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