Review – Renovation & Construction Support in Goa, India

During the first week, we painted cages at an animal shelter called Welfare for Animals in Goa. We had a cook who would make amazing local meals. On weekends we were free to go out and explore the state. During the second and third weeks of my visit I was painting rooms in a compound for adults with intellectual disabilities. I was able to meet a lot of local people as well as other volunteers from the same program and other programs.

Comments on local team, food and accommodation 

The coordinator was very helpful, although it was difficult for me because there were no other volunteers present for most of my stay. The food was almost always delicious, and I was thoroughly exposed to popular dishes in Goa as well as general India. The house we stayed in was quite nice and met all the requirements for comfort.

Any improvements to help us be better? 

Not really.




Link to construction in Goa



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