Bodhgaya India Volunteering – 2017

Highlights of the trip:

There were many highlights of the trip. Overall, of course just being at the School each day was incredible and interacting with the students there was definitely the most special part of the experience. Hiking up a mountain with the scouts on our first day was definitely a highlight, as was witnessing the ceremony for Chinese monks at the school. However, we also had incredible cultural experiences in attending weddings and visiting the Mahabodhi Temple.

Comments on the team, food and accommodation: 

The entire team at Bodhi Tree were incredibly friendly and supportive and overall so kind to us during our stay. Everyone involved from Monika, Dhirendra, Khan and Ramesh at the volunteer centre to all the teachers at the school, were incredible in giving us such a wonderful experience. The food at the volunteer centre was always delicious and we were given a really interesting variety of meals during our trip. The volunteer centre was very comfortable and safe and we felt very at home there.

Any improvements to help us be better:

We had an amazing time – I can’t think of any improvements!

Thankyou and Kind Regards,

Lucy Cornwell

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