Veterinary Care Volunteer Review Fiji

Highlights of the trip:

I had a great experience at the animal shelter making new friends and seeing cases in the veterinary clinic i wouldn’t experience back in England which were very interesting (in particular the postmortems). I enjoyed spending time especially with the abandoned dogs, giving medication etc and helping them be re-homed to live a new better life.   It was in an amazing location so travelling to the coast and islands on weekends and after was a great experience as well as learning about and being part of such a different and diverse culture.


Comments on the team, food and accommodation:

Everyone i worked/ stayed with was really friendly, welcoming and supportive and the food was always very nice and i got to try so many different dishes so got a good taste of Fiji ?The accommodation was also good and had all the facilities needed.

Any improvements to help us be better:

It would have been more convenient if my home stay was located closer to the shelter as it would take me a long time to get there and back every day.









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