Bodhgaya Placement review IVI – 2015


I blinked and now my time in India is finished! Just an overnight train ride and a flight away from being in the beautiful Maldives. I’m so grateful for my experiences here and in Nepal. Everything from a 10 day silent meditation retreat, meeting and holding the Dalai Lama’s hand, trekking the Himalayas, attending Indians school awards ceremonies and school openings, visiting ashrams, learning Bollywood and early morning yoga, visiting the place the Indians burn their families deceased bodies, meeting Ghandi’s last living student, visiting the Bodhi tree and eating more rice (and watermelon) that my body could handle. But my very favourite was volunteering with the absolute cutest children and seeing their smiling faces every day. I will miss those little monkeys. Goodbye crazy, beautiful, frustrating and inspiring India. I have learnt a whole lot of patience from you and you will be missed!

Brianne,  Canada 2015


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