Kindergarten Teaching in Vietnam Experience

My first time in Asia started with a whopping two months in Thailand.....

I volunteered at the Kindergarten program in Ho Chi Minh for a week in March. Unfortunately, I only had a short time but it was an amazing experience!   I got to assist the staff with the children, playing with them, get to know them and teach them English.    The children love you and are so eager to learn.
The program coordinator and other staff are amazing!   I got sick after a few days and every single staff took care of me, they even brought me to the health center.    Everyone was so welcoming and supportive.   I learnt so much in just a short time, learnt to be more patient, more interactive.
I enjoyed connecting with like minded-people and made friends very quickly.   I was lucky enough to celebrate one of the kids birthday, it was a great experience.   You are not just there for hours and that is it, It is a very personal rewarding.   More people should join the Kindergarten project.   The volunteer center was great too.  I wish I could have stayed longer!
Angela (Netherlands)




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