Kindergarten Teaching in Phan Thiet Vietnam

Loved the project! I taught kindy and everyday was a fun experience.

Hi Lauren!

Sorry for the delay with my response. After Vietnam i traveled more and only just got back home Thursday. I had a great experience with the volunteering and hold the children and people i met close to my heart !

The kids were amazing and wonderful to be with. They loved playing and didn’t understand what I said but it didn’t matter because we expressed our needs more through hand gestures and body language. I still FaceTime the teacher and kids and I truly miss them with all my heart. I was with 4 year olds!

Highlights of the trip:

Meeting like-minded people, learning about the Vietnamese culture. More so, the women and what they believe to be beautiful. Opened my eyes to how beauty standards in western countries can also impact people in other countries.

Comments on the project impact, team, food, accommodation etc:

Loved the project! I taught kindy and everyday was a fun experience. The kids were adorable and eager to learn. The team were amazing and always available to chat and help you out. The accommodation and food was good too. Cannot complain as everything I needed was provided.

Any improvements to help us be better:

Nothing from my end, I enjoyed it all and have no negative feedback to give back.

Monia (Netherlands)


awww so cute


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