Kenya Teaching Project Review

It has been an amazing stay in this project. Since the first day, I felt like this is my home. The team was very friendly and helpful. I arrived on Sunday and the coordinator picked me up. I met the other volunteers and there was another coordinator. They explained to me all about the project and the house rules.

On Monday, we went to the school. I was nervous at first but when I met the kids it disappeared. Every day, there were more kids in the class and we had to divide them into 3 different groups. That made easier for us to teach them. We practised vocabulary, grammar and speaking in the class. All the kids are very nice and they behave courteously. We could see that they are improving their language skills. They were very grateful for our teaching because they knew that it was a great opportunity for them.

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big classroom of primary students in Kenya-2 girl standing on rural land in Kenya-2

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