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  MIN AGE: 18+ (16 with a guardian of 25+ years)

  SPECIAL REQUIREMENTS: Criminal background check required


The Pre-school, established at the outset of 2018, was born from the necessity to address the challenges faced by vulnerable families with young children. These families often had to leave their children unattended while they attended to daily duties, which posed significant risks in the precarious environment of Kakuma refugee camp in Kenya.

In response, the local org has created a multifaceted “community hub” that serves a range of critical functions:

  • Providing early childhood education aligned with the Kenyan National curriculum.
  • Offering essential daily meals for young children.
  • Furnishing a secure and nurturing environment for the little ones.
  • Creating employment opportunities for staff.
  • Teaching vital life skills (e.g., COVID safety and gardening) that can be applied at home and shared with families.

The primary objectives of this program are:

  • Providing high-quality education for young children aged 3 to 6.
  • Ensuring the safety and well-being of young children and protecting them from domestic incidents.
  • Allowing parents to manage their daily activities without the added stress of childcare.
  • Encouraging children to develop into independent thinkers and inquirers.
  • Enhancing the literacy of refugees at Kakuma Refugee Camp.
  • Preparing children to become future role models and leaders.

Participating in our teaching volunteer project in Kakuma Refugee Camp, Kenya, provides you with the opportunity to make a positive impact on the lives of others and contribute to making the world a better place. Additionally, it enhances your CV, offers valuable work experience in an African context (Kakuma refugee camp), and allows you to apply your creative skills. Upon completion, you will receive a recommendation and a certificate.


Kakuma Refugee Camp, situated in northwestern Turkana County, Kenya, serves as a vital haven for people who have fled from over 17 different countries in search of safety and refuge. Established in 1992, this camp was initially designed for short-term humanitarian assistance, but it has since grown and become a home for nearly 200,000 individuals. Located in the arid desert of the region, Kakuma Refugee Camp stands as a place of respite and protection while offering various programs and initiatives to support the well-being and future prospects of its diverse population.

Project Tasks

  • Painting educational murals
  • Teaching English, Math, and various subjects
  • Organising games and arts activities
  • Sharing love and care with children
  • Empowering them by sharing your own culture
  • Providing support for extracurricular activities 

Food & Accommodation

Accommodation is not included in this program. Volunteers are advised to find their own accommodation in nearby hotels or guesthouses. 

There are several hotels in Kakuma town such as Cairo Palace Hotel, Nakosi, Bridge Guest House, Silga, Tarach Guest House etc. Some hotels have restaurants inside and others are near local restaurants, shops and supermarkets.

Meals are included and are reimbursed to the volunteer if you choose to eat at your hotel or local restuarants. Or, the local team will provide you with a weekly allowance for meals. 

All prices in USD
  • Application Fee - $299
Own Accom
What's Included
  • Meals
  • Airport Pickup
  • Local Transportation
  • 1 Day Orientation
  • 24/7 In-Country Support
  • Project Materials & Equipment
  • Pre-departure Expert Advice
  • Preperation Tools & Checklists
  • Certificate of Completion



This program can be challenging with lack of hygiene and hot weather at certain times of the year. You will also be faced with meeting people from many backgrounds who have been through a lot, which can be hard-hitting.

You will need to be able to deal with challenging situations and be able to reach out for support if needed. But most of all, a big heart, an open mind and willingness to get stuck in!

  • 3 meals p/day 
  • Arrival airport transfer 
  • 1 day orientation
  • Daily transportation to project
  • In country 24/7 support & emergency assistance
  • Fundraising support
  • University course credits (where applicable)
  • Certificate of Completion
  • Airfares
  • Travel Insurance
  • Tours, Souvenirs & spending money
  • Accommodation

Orientation and placement will occur on the following day after your arrival. Your volunteer orientation will provide an overview of the project’s mission and expectations, as well as an introduction to the local community and project site. Upon arrival at Kakuma refugee camp, you will receive a presentation from the program manager and the coordinating project team to prepare you for your work.

After confirming your placement, book flights to arrive at Jomo Kenyatta International Airport in Nairobi, the sole international airport in Kenya. From there, book a flight to Lodwar (Turkana) departing from Wilson Airport in Nairobi. Our Director or Program Manager will arrange airport pickup in Lodwar, Turkana County, and transport you to the volunteer hotel in Kakuma town. 

Monday to Friday – 5 days a week, 3-6 hours
in a day.

Visiting different places within Kakuma refugee camp, hosting the community, visiting Kalobeyei settlement camp, and other refugee organisations. 

Kenya is a stunning country, featuring almost every terrain and climate from desert, beach, cities and forests.

There is something for every traveler here, particularly for wildlife lovers. It has over 40 National parks throughout the country and holds the some of the world’s most loved and endangered animals. Here you will find lions, leopards, elephants, hippos and so much more! Kenya is famous for its incredible safaris, which are the countries main source of tourism.

Also well known is the semi nomadic Maasai tribe- a hugely symbolic tribe known for its colourful adornments and traditional clothing. Kenya is a nature lovers paradise, with a visit to the Great Rift Valley being a must. For those who enjoy a gentler pace then Kenya also offers some beautiful beaches, its coast stretching almost 80,000 kilometres.

The beach is also sunny for most of the year! The capital, Nairobi is the fifth largest city in Africa, with unique vibes and a vibrant nightlife. This bustling and cosmopolitan city will throw you into Kenyan way of life and be an interesting eye opener.

Kenya is a huge country with its climate changing from tropical along the coast, to arid in the northern regions and then mild inland temperatures.

Kenya receives a large amount of sunshine year-round but generally, the hottest months are between February and March while the coldest months are July to mid-August. The “long rains” start from March to June, while the “short rains” are between October and December.

Due to Kenya being a major hub for migration over the years, it has now become one of the most culturally diverse countries with many different languages spoken.

There are over 40 different ethnic groups in Kenya, including Luo, Kamba, Maasai and more. Each have their own of mother tongue, although Swahili remains the most widely spoken language. You will also find ethnic groups from European, Arab, Indian and Pakistani, who migrated to the country in the 19th century.

Religions such as Christianity and Islam are widely spread, however many local people still believe in the ancestral world, where the dead have a bearing on the living. Today, the majority of Kenya’s culture, dress, music and food has taken strong influence from other parts of Africa, India, Europe and the United States.

In certain parts of the country however, many local communities hold onto their traditional lifestyle and customs. They still wear the clothes, animal skins and jewellery as they did centuries before. Many remote tribes remain completely isolated and indigenous.

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