Group Volunteering

Volunteering in a group

Many of IVI’s projects are suitable for volunteering in groups, whether that be a large group of friends, school group, university group or working on our Fiji nutrition projects. We also have travel and volunteer trips that include sightseeing as well as volunteering. These trips can be a great way to make friends if you are travelling solo and want to meet people along the way.

IVI Volunteers with group of children in Fiji

What is so good about group volunteering?

Volunteering with a large group of people can really make you feel like you are part of something and makes everyone come together to finish an end goal. Being part of a large group means working as part of a team, communicating with others and taking in everyones viewpionts. It can be a great learning opportunity for younger travellers (and older ones too!), to really explore how they work with others, overcome problems and find a suitable outcome.

Many of our projects are great for large groups of people, for example some of our construction projects in the past have managed to build entire schools, due to the amount of volunteers, working together! If you want to volunteer as part of a group, get in touch with your school, uni or friends and see what opportunites are available to you. Volunteering as a group is so much fun and you will get to meet so many people and be able to really make and impact on your program.