Community Construction Nepal

Join our cause to build and refurbish public structures in need of improvement, aiming to enhance the quality of life for local communities. Consequently, we've initiated restoration endeavors in different parts of Kathmandu, focusing on rejuvenating schools, medical facilities, community hubs, and residences.

we need you in Nepal

  • Around 25% of the population in Nepal are living below the poverty line.
  • Malnutrition is particually evident in children under 5, with 36% enduring stunting.
  • Children from poor families have low attendence at school, with 1 in 4 of the poorest not going to school at all.
  • Nepal can experience natural disasters, such as earthquakes. This can severly impact the local structures and roads.
  • Much of Nepal’s population lacks access to basic medical care.

bali construction project


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can you help?

  • Rebuild schools, orphanages and health centers in Kathmandu and remote villages
  • Help communities that have had buildings damaged
  • Depending on experience get hands on building new strutures
  • Paint and decorate schools and community centres

you can do?

  • Decorate, paint murals, and generally make the local buildings a nicer place to be
  • Do basic carpentry work
  • Help put up new walls using cement, sand, stone, bricks
  • Assist with gardening or landscaping and general cleaning up of the area
  • Do what you can to help rebuild the lives of the local people

Why Involvement Volunteers International?

  • Non Profit Organisation & Charity
  • Over 30 Years Expertise Globally
  • Low Program Fees – From US$295
  • Excellent Safety Record, In-Country 24/7 Support & Emergency Assistance
  • 1 Application Fee – Multiple Countries

IVI Volunteer teaching Nepalese Children

Project Description






  MIN AGE: 16+

  SPECIAL REQUIREMENTS: Criminal background check required

Construction in Nepal mountains
coloring the windows
Masonry Construction
working together
weelding playground equipment
vollies at construction site
hammering wood together
Construction in Nepal


You’ll have the opportunity to engage in the restoration and building efforts at schools, children’s homes, rehabilitation centers, the KAT Centre (Kathmandu Animal Treatment Center), a residence for disabled children, and a center dedicated to empowering women. Throughout this project, your base will be in Kathmandu, right at our centre.

Your daily tasks will primarily entail outdoor construction and refurbishment tasks, such as dismantling damaged structures, erecting walls, painting, performing carpentry work, and installing fencing around the school premises, among other responsibilities. 


Kathmandu, the capital and largest city in Nepal, is an incredible place! The contrast of decaying buildings, smell of incense, street sellers, historic temples and incredible mountain views will invigorate your senses and keep you inspired to learn more about the amazing history and culture. For several hundred years, Kathmandu was one of three rival royal cities, along with Bhaktapur and Patan. The highlight of Kathmandu has long been Durbar Square, the largest of the palace squares in the three royal cities and a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Temples and monuments of varying shapes, sizes, styles, and faiths can be found here. This small, mountain-sheltered valley is the historical centre of Nepal, a place where kingdoms rose and fell, where palaces and temples were built and rebuilt, and where Nepali art and culture was developed and refined.

Project Tasks

  • Bringing down broken structures
  • Building walls using cement, sand, stone, bricks etc
  • Painting
  • Basic carpentry work
  • Fencing the school premises
  • Preparing mixture of cement, sand and water
  • Shift rocks from one place to another

Food & Accommodation

Located in the heart of Kathmandu, about 1 hours drive from the airport, with 4-6 people sharing one room (single gender rooms). They have modern bathrooms; a modern kitchen and dining room, mini library, a fully furnished living room, wifi, TV, computer, DVD player, fans, live-in staff on call 24/7, a garden complete with a comfortable covered area and 24/7 security. Centrally located, there are several gym’s nearby as well as local supermarkets, ATM’s, mobile phone shops etc.  

*For couples or those wanting more privacy, there are upgrade accommodation options available for an additional cost (approx US $150 p/room p/week). This must be booked well in advance and is subject to availability.

You will be provided with three meals a day on weekdays and two meals per day on weekends. The meals are a mix of Western and Nepalese food, consisting mainly of vegetarian dishes including rice and vegetables. You can expect to have a chicken dish about once per week. You can also choose to eat out at any of the local restaurants.

Nepal volunteer house-19
nepal yoga is nice
nepal acc 2-14
volunteer shared rooms
cultural tour nepal
nepalese cooking
nepal Dining-6
Dinning 2-7
Nepal vol house-4
Private room
Private room
hike kathmandu-2
Nepal acc-13



– *Cultural Orientation Week Kathmandu
– Primary School Teaching Kathmandu
– *Stray Dog Rehabilitation Kathmandu
– *Community Construction Kathmandu
– Woman’s Empowerment Kathmandu
– Kindergarten Kathmandu
– English Teaching Pokhara
– Kindergarten Teaching Pokhara
All prices in USD

  • 1 Week – $395
  • 2 Weeks – $510
  • 3 Weeks – $725
  • 1 Month – $945
  • 2 Months – $1795
  • 3 Months – $2695

*Cultural Orientation, Stray Dog Rehabilitation & Construction projects cost additional US$50 p/week
Vol House

What’s Included
  • Accommodation
  • Meals
  • Airport Pickup
  • Local Transportation
  • 1 Day Orientation
  • 24/7 In-Country Support
  • Project Materials & Equipment
  • Pre-departure Expert Advice
  • Preperation Tools & Checklists
  • Certificate of Completion

– US$275 application fee applies in addition to program fees
– Application fee is one off per person (unlimited placements)
Click Here to convert the below prices to your local currency
– Discounts may apply if travelling in a pair or group!
– All credit card /international fees included in below pricing! 🙂


It was such a great experience! The children are happy all the time, they really want to learn and they also want to play all day. After 2 days they knew me a little bit and they listened very well. We teach them Science, Maths and English.
ElkeNepal Kindergerten Project
I want to thank all the cute, kind, and lovely monks I met during my stay at the monastery. You are all awesome!! Thank you also to the teachers Labsum, Sonam and Ngawang Janpoo for your hospitality too!!
Anna Berke
Anna BerkeNepal Monastery Teaching Project
I feel grateful to have been part of an organization that is able to provide free education for these children, allowing to enter into public school. It has been an interesting journey to be able to communicate and deliver lessons to these children as they have very basic English skills.
Maria Edelskov
Maria EdelskovNepal Kindergerten Project
The highlight of the trip was working at the KAT center. It was so rewarding and I just loved being able to spend time with the dogs and able to bring them so joy throughout the day.
Monique Nepal Stray Dog Project
It was my first time in nepal and i really enjoyed being amongst mountains, experiencing a little of the local culture and making new friends from around the world.
TunliNepal Construction Project
I would say the highlight was just meeting and working with the women I was teaching English to. Team, food and accommodation was good, I loved the Nepali food
LauraNepal Women Empowerment Project
The team were great, very helpful and supportive. I am vegetarian and the food catered to me perfectly, a great variety of traditional Nepalese food! Accommodation met my needs comfortably, enjoyed meeting people from all over the world.
Georgina Mullen
Georgina MullenNepal Kindergerten Project
Highlights of the trip: meeting and being able to work with a diverse group of like-minded people from around the globe. The people are what make the experience: being able to both have an amazing travel experience and also be able to give back to the world in some way.
BraedonNepal Stray Dog Project
I did treat a couple of stroke patients independently which was the most rewarding, and got the Nepalese physios to give advice and education when required.
KatherineNepal Physiotherapy Internsh
The atmosphere was cozy since the very beginning: the children were enthusiastic and excited to meet us and were ready to do many things together with us. The mood was really positive and the principal and all the teachers were happy to support us in our activities which were based mainly on memory and creativity games, which the students here are not used to.
ArriannaNepal Kindergerten Project
Doing the extra activities including the HealthOutReach program was really good as well because I could see there had been a lack of education around basic hygiene, nutrition and first aid so I think it was really beneficial to the schools that we went to to teach them this.
JessieNepal Medical Internship


Is Community Construction in Nepal Right for Me?

If you have any specialist skills, you could be of great help here in rebuilding broken buildings. Alternatively, if you have no construction experience, you can get involved in painting and decorating. This includes giving walls a new layer of paint and getting creative by painting murals on the walls, particually for school buildings. This can really brighten the place up and make a huge difference to the school children. 

What’s Included in the Volunteer Fees

  • Accommodation
  • 3 meals p/day weekdays / 2 meals p/day weekends
  • Arrival airport transfer (Sat/Sun arrivals)
  • Filtered drinking water, coffee & tea
  • 1 day orientation
  • Daily transportation to project
  • In country 24/7 support & emergency assistance
  • Fundraising support
  • University course credits (where applicable)
  • Certificate of Completion

What’s Not Included

  • Airfares
  • Travel Insurance
  • Tours, Souvenirs & spending money

Is there an Orientation?
Your program includes a 1 day orientation. This is an important day to help you become familiar with your surroundings, as well as learning about the local customs, culture and surroundings. Typical Orientation Day Includes:

  • Introduction meeting, General rules, Setting Expectations, Advice on Health and Safety and insuring you have all your documents.
  • Do’s and Don’ts, Cultural introduction, learning about the countries history 
  • Tour around the accommodation and local area.

Arrival Information

Programs begin every Monday, and volunteers are required to arrive the day prior, for orientation before the project. Your accommodation on the Sunday is included in the program fees.

A free airport pickup is included when arriving to Tribhuvan International Airport (KTM). You must arrive between the hours 06:00 to 24:00 on Sunday.

If arriving outside the pickup times on Sunday, you can book a private transfer for US$50.

If arriving during the week, or on Saturday, we charge US$50 for any extra night’s accommodation before your program, and another US$50 fee for a private transfer.

Alternatively, if arriving early you could wait at the arrival’s terminal for the pickup time, book accommodation at the airport and meet us during the pickup times or make your own way to the project (we will advise on how to do this).

From the airport to Kathmandu accommodation, it takes 45 minutes by taxi.

What does a Typical Day Involve?

Example day to day (breakfast lunch, dinner included daily)

  • Arrive on Sunday

  • Monday to Friday – Activities vary depending on the needs at the time. However, the main tasks are the following:
    • Bringing down broken structures
    • Building walls using cement, sand, stone, bricks etc
    • Painting
    • Basic carpentry work
    • Fencing the school premises
    • Preparing mixture of cement, sand and water
    • Shift rocks from one place to another
  • Saturday and Sunday are free to explore the surrounding villages and local markets with your fellow volunteers

***This schedule can be changed and/or amended depending on weather conditions, local conditions and unforeseen circumstances.***

What Happens on Weekends?

The weekends are always open for your leisure. The local team will assist you in organising additional travel plans with heaps of local knowledge. Shopping in Kathmandu is an experience all its own. Thamel, Kathmandu’s tourist hotspot, is where shoppers can find Nepalese, Tibetan and Indian artifacts, woodcarvings, handicraft and an assortments of unique clothing and apparel. There are also several malls where you can find fashionable clothing and grocery stores, offering everything from wine to breakfast cereals. There are numerous dining options available throughout the city, including Italian, Indian, Thai, Korean and Chinese in addition to a variety of local cuisine.

Are There Any Special Requirements?

No extra requirements needed. 


For information on holidays and any programs affected, please see the following link: NP – Holidays – All Programs

Country Information

Nepal is one of the most beautiful and culturally rich countries in the world.  Nepal first opened its borders to outsiders in the 1950s.  It is home to Mount Everest, the birthplace of Buddha, and an astonishingly beautiful landscape, ranging from the well-known peaks of the Himalaya to the low-lying regions of the Terai.

The Nepali people are as diverse at the geography, with over 70 languages or dialects and scores of traditional festivals celebrated throughout the year.

However, Nepal is also one of the most under-developed countries in the world, with low rates of literacy, high rates of poverty and a persistent gender imbalance. The government is frequently unable to provide adequate education and health facilities throughout the country and both urban and rural areas are forced to live without necessary resources to promote growth and development of their communities.


Nepal is a year round destination, and the cliate can vary between the North and South regions. The best overall times to visit are during spring and autumn (particually for trekking).

December to Febuary is winter, and it can get extremely cold in the mountains (down to sub zero). Summer in this region has a pleasent temperature but still bring some warmer clothing for the evenings. 

Summer in southern Nepal can get extremely hot (plus 40°C) in some areas. Winter temperatures in this area can range from 7°C to 23°C.

Kathmandu has a pleasent climate on average. The monsoon rains start from June to September in Nepal. 

What’s the Culture Like in Nepal?

The majority of Nepalis are either Hindus or Buddhists, but there are many other religions here too like Islam, Christianity, Jainism and Sikhism. You will find many temples and monasteries around Nepal. The right hand is used for important things such as passing money, eating and the giving of gifts. 

Nepalese people love their food and much of it has been influenced by Indian and Tibetan cultures. Nepali people have a lot of respect for elders and will call each other didi (“older sister”), bahini (“younger sister”), etc, even if they are not actually related. The family unit is very strong and having a close knit family is important for the local people. 

About Involvement Volunteers International

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IVI is an Australian charity & non profit organisation founded in 1989 and is one of the pioneers of overseas volunteering successfully placing over 20,000 volunteers globally.

Affordable Volunteer Travel

We’re not motivated by shareholder profits.   Our fees are fully transparent to ensure maximum benefit where it is most needed. 

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All projects include a dedicated 24/7 in-country management team, operational & risk assessment & overseas support contact.   All projects are personally inspected to ensure very high quality. 

Work Experience & University Credits

We place thousands of Uni students and can assist you with course credits and in-field experience points.   Many of our project coordinators are qualified practitioners in their respective fields allowing unique in-field supervision and Uni accreditation options 

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Weekends & Extra Tours

This has to be one of the most popular things to do in Nepal. With so many different treks to do, this is a great way to spend your free time! Everest base camp and Annapurna are 2 of the most popular but there are many day treks also.
Boudha Stupa is the largest in Nepal,situated in Kathmandu. This impressive building is best viewed late afternoon, when the locals are visiting for their rituals.
Boudha Stupa
Boudha StupaNepal
For the adreneline junkies! Try this heart racing sport to get the blood pumping. Rafting is so much fun, especially when surrounded by stunning scenery.
White Water Rafting
White Water RaftingNepal
Paragliding over Pokhara’s boating lake is supposed to one of the most stunning sites!
Chitwan National Park is situated in the lowlands down South. If you’re lucky you can spot rhinos, elephants, numerous bird species, or even the Bengal tiger (fingers crossed!).
Chitwan National Park
Chitwan National ParkNepal
Take some time to explore the many local markets in Nepal. This is a great way to get a teaste for local life and interact with the sellers.


Ready to Volunteer in Nepal?


Ready to volunteer abroad? Complete your application online in 5 min 


Not sure which program is right for you? Contact us for more info


Let’s talk about it! Schedule a preferred time and date to chat via phone or video   


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